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Mentored Hunt Opportunity for kids and their parents in the Mounds View School District

This program is offered by the Laurentian Environmental Center and consists of:

1. A week long Forkhorn I camp (parents are welcome to attend but not required) to earn their firearm safety certification and general hunting knowledge. Dates of the camps can be found on www.laurentiancenter.org. Participants will receive a camp scholarship from the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) and a free 1 year membership to MDHA.
2. Mentored Hunt on October 19-22, 2017 based out of the Laurentian Environmental Center facility. Expert hunters will assist each parent/child pair in a safe, enjoyable hunting experience for a white tail deer.
3. Evaluation/Ice Fishing weekend in March. Come for a fun winter experience and participate in a weekend of ice fishing and evaluation of the entire experience.

Click on Mentored Hunt to the right to see the flyer for more information! MentoredHunt

What is your first hunt like?

Read this insightful article about a woman’s first hunt, and how she learned not only about hunting, but more about herself! Click here


Walk with another woman hunter on her journey…

Click here to preview this limited edition, beautiful documentary created by one of Women Hunting & Fishing’s founding member Betty Wilkens.  Without her, Women Hunting and Fishing wouldn’t be here today.  Thank you for all that you do, Betty!!

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Purchases can be made on-line:


Prairie Sportsman town hall/call in show

Click here to preview this informative edition of the show!  A live Town Hall Meeting launches an all-new season of Prairie Sportsman with host Bret Amundson, who takes questions from the live and viewing audience. Experts are on hand to address how we balance the interests of sportsmen, natural resource managers and farmers. Broadcast from the Black Box Theatre in Morris.


Who are “we”?

A group of Minnesota women and girls who love to be outdoors. We thoroughly enjoy fishing and hunting and want to bring those time-honored sports to other like-minded individuals and families. Our mission is “to increase hunting and fishing participation by Minnesota women of all ages and backgrounds through education, inspiration and empowerment”.

Join us as we explore our beautiful state and all it has to offer.  Join us as fellow volunteers, in bringing the sports of fishing and hunting to others who will cherish their time afield and pass their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to future generations. To become a member:

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