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Women Hunting & Fishing will host the first ever Women’s Outdoor Expo! It promises to be a day of learning and fun. If you would like to receive direct updates on the event, send us your email address.  Stay tuned for more information!  Email us at womenhfs@gmail.com

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Be a part of the first women’s chapter of the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation!  Wapiti Women of the North are having a great event to introduce you to their chapter and have some fun!  Register online at https://events.rmef.org/shop.aspx?eid=5202 or visit them on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/Wapiti-Women-of-the-North-RMEF-977367872306957/


Here is a video that highlights who we are and our goals!


Member Snapshot

Anna Sidie-Slettedahl is the newest member of WHF. She works at USFWS as a Wildlife Biologist, Wildlife and Sport Fish Restoration Program, and was one of five women featured as hunters in a recent USFWS bulletin. Thank you, Anna, for being part of our group and sharing your interview.
Main motivation for hunting: To challenge and empower myself, and prove to myself that I’m capable.
What hunting means to me: I am a new hunter. Although I have been exposed to hunting culture my whole life, and have built my career out of a love for wildlife and the outdoors, I have never actually taken up the sport of hunting until recently. A few reasons for this come to mind. Simply, I was not confident in myself. I didn’t think I was strong enough to pull a bow string back, I was afraid of firearms, and I was basically afraid of failure in this “man’s” sport. Another reason is because I never had any female role model hunters.
Since starting my position with WSFR about 2 years ago, my curiosity in hunting has been sparked again. I have reexamined the importance of hunting and fishing in conservation. I have been exposed to programs that I didn’t know existed; programs to help educate me on the culture of hunting and trapping, to help educate me on firearm safety and to improve my shooting skills, and to introduce me to hunting for food, and to women who hunt and fish that are willing to take me under their wing.
Just recently, I went on a mentored pheasant hunt and harvested my first bird. It was an emotional moment for me, and life changing. It was terrifying, but exhilarating, and it planted a seed of confidence. I am now getting out my bow that I have had put away for so many years, and practicing again. I am building relationships with these women mentors, and am learning all I can from my friends who are hunters. I am building that confidence that I thought would never exist. I am now planning turkey, squirrel, and archery deer hunts, and could not be more excited (and nervous!).

Who are “we”?

A group of Minnesota women and girls who love to be outdoors. We thoroughly enjoy fishing and hunting and want to bring those time-honored sports to other like-minded individuals and families. Our mission is “to increase hunting and fishing participation by Minnesota women of all ages and backgrounds through education, inspiration and empowerment”.

Join us as we explore our beautiful state and all it has to offer. Join us, as fellow volunteers, in bringing the sports of fishing and hunting to others who will cherish their time afield and pass their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to future generations.

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