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Woodcock Banding with Women Hunting and Fishing in partnership with Pineridge Grouse Camp!

Banding, Blasting and Blues Weekend is sponsored by Women Hunting and Fishing. It will be held May 19-20-21 at Pineridge Grouse Camp in Remer, Minnesota.  This event is geared to novice and seasoned women who are passionate about the outdoors.  Woodcock Minnesota, a 501 c3, will be giving a short seminar on how to band woodcock chicks and the biology of this crazy little bird. After the seminar we will listen to some blues by the fire, enjoy some stories and get ready for the rest of the weekend.  Saturday you will be paired up with dogs and banders to try your hand at banding a 1-14 day old woodcock chick.  It’s a great time to be in the woods, before the mosquitoes, the flowers are starting to bloom and morel’s “could” be around.  You will be able to watch many types of pointing dogs searching for hens and chicks to band.  Later in the afternoon we will shoot some sporting clays and finish up with a BBQ.  Bring your guns, ammo, boots and anything else you might need for this chance to learn more about the American Woodcock and the northern Minnesota woods in the spring. Price $300.

All meals, lodging and laughs are included in the price.  Please feel to bring any adult beverages you would like for the weekend.  If you have any question please contact us!

Registration is required, use this link to sign up:  http://www.pineridgestore.com/banding-blasting-and-blues-weekend-at-pineridge-grouse-camp/


Women Hunting and Fishing Outdoor Expo (Partnering with Bald Eagle Sportsmen’s Association)

Have you been curious about shooting clays, five stand, black powder rifles, or learning archery and fishing tips?  We have the opportunity for you.  Come join a group of women passionate about hunting and fishing to learn and practice skills for the outdoors.

When:  Saturday, June 3
Time:    10:00 am
Location:  Bald Eagle Sportsmen’s Association, Hugo, MN

Leave your firearms home…there will be ammo and firearms available for you to use.  There will be bows for you to practice with on the archery range, or if you have a bow you are welcome to bring it with you.
Concessions will be available.  There will be instructors to assist with each station available.
Please click here to register!

Please continue to watch for additional details and feel free to contact us.  We look forward to seeing you there!


What is your first hunt like?

Read this insightful article about a woman’s first hunt, and how she learned not only about hunting, but more about herself! Click here


Walk with another woman hunter on her journey…

Click here to preview this limited edition, beautiful documentary created by one of Women Hunting & Fishing’s founding member Betty Wilkens.  Without her, Women Hunting and Fishing wouldn’t be here today.  Thank you for all that you do, Betty!!

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Purchases can be made on-line:


Prairie Sportsman town hall/call in show

Click here to preview this informative edition of the show!  A live Town Hall Meeting launches an all-new season of Prairie Sportsman with host Bret Amundson, who takes questions from the live and viewing audience. Experts are on hand to address how we balance the interests of sportsmen, natural resource managers and farmers. Broadcast from the Black Box Theatre in Morris.


Who are “we”?

A group of Minnesota women and girls who love to be outdoors. We thoroughly enjoy fishing and hunting and want to bring those time-honored sports to other like-minded individuals and families. Our mission is “to increase hunting and fishing participation by Minnesota women of all ages and backgrounds through education, inspiration and empowerment”.

Join us as we explore our beautiful state and all it has to offer.  Join us as fellow volunteers, in bringing the sports of fishing and hunting to others who will cherish their time afield and pass their enthusiasm, knowledge and skills to future generations. To become a member:

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