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This is a listing of current research and articles that may be of interest to you.  The focus is hunting and fishing as it relates to women specifically. Minnesota DNR Firearms Safety Study – a study conducted by the MN Department of Natural Resources of women that have completed the Firearms Safety course but [...]

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Deer Grandma, Story Nine   The opening day of rifle season, 1999, was a warm and sunny one.  David and I walked to the Four-Poster in midafternoon.  He sat on the swivel chair, slowly moving his head so he could keep his eyes open for deer.  I sat on a bucket, trying to watch [...]

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Deer Grandma, Story Eight This deer hunting thing has to be an obsession.  What other explanation could there be for . . . Purchasing a crossbow.  Climbing up the ladder and into the deer stand with one properly-operating arm.  Sitting on a damp chair in the light drizzle. Finally settled, with the crossbow cocked [...]

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Deer Grandma, Story Seven As far as scenery goes, this is not a very pretty spot.  What I see from here cannot come anywhere close to the views from the homemade deer stands near the river or creek, or those in the wooded areas adjacent to the wide-open expanses of fields and pasture. Why [...]

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Deer Grandma, Story Six   To me, this was the Cadillac of stands.  It was on the northeast corner of our property where our land and Ralph’s land came together.  Both of us pastured cattle, and when my husband, Dan, requested that we build a stand where there needed to be some good and [...]

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Deer Grandma, Story Five Seldom did I drive down this road.  I usually walked, often with the children, through fields and woods, to get to this neighboring farm.  Today was different.  Stub had invited me to come to their house because he “had something for me”. The driveway was long, and it gave me [...]

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Deer Grandma, Story Four   Intense cold.  Even the trees were complaining, making sharp and loud booming noises to anything willing to listen.  Even the well-oiled swivel mechanism on the homemade chair squeaked in protest.  I folded my arms around my chest and wiggled my toes.  My body was already chilled and it wasn’t [...]

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Deer Grandma, Story Three Pleasant daytime temperatures, cool nights.  The dull green of late summer foliage was turning into shades of brown, yellow and red.  It was a weekday in early October.  With less than two hours to sunset, the sun was low in the sky and the air starting to chill.  Although I [...]

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Deer Grandma, Story Two A very warm start to a November weekend.  It would probably be the last opportunity I would have to hang the wash out on the clotheslines north of our small farmhouse.  Dan had gone deer hunting after finishing the milking and other barn chores.  With a family of four young [...]

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