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Da Girls Fishing Trip

//Da Girls Fishing Trip

Da Girls Fishing Trip

I just got back from Da Girls Fishing trip to Canada. Interesting what can happen when a group of women put their heads together.  The trip started about 10 years ago when a group of ladies that had met through the Becoming An Outdoors Woman program decided to go to Canada on a fishing trip.  The lady that organized that first trip did not even like to fish but Sandy is the kind of person that will always step forward to help organize things.   Her husband is an avid angler so she felt he could give her tips on good places to go.  Since that time the group has been to three lodges, spent a few years doing a fly-in trip, developed stronger friendships between those that knew each other, made many new friends, caught lots and lots of fish and had a ton of fun. Incidentally the lady that organized that first trip is now an avid angler like the rest of us, and one of the women after a job transfer flies in from the East Coast to participate with us each year.

The trip is limited to eight ladies, we divide up the meals and each person is responsible for prep and planning of one meal.  Four years ago after a particularly frustrating day trying to keep resort rental boats in good fishing position and wishing we had the amenities of trolling motors, bigger boats and electronics the group decided to ask their own “guide staff” to join us.  Thus four husbands and boats were recruited to “staff” the trip. They help teach the “newbies” that join us each year, provide extra tackle, help us find fish and even provide shore lunch. In return we provide a cabin and they join us for meals.

This year we had three “newbies” one an angler who had never been to Canada, one had not fished walleye or northern before and one pretty new to the sport.   One “newbie” caught a 40 inch musky on her first cast, that was hard to match for the next three days.  I took the opportunity to learn a little about musky fishing and tried casting for a while (lesson learned you need to be in shape to throw those big lures from a stiff rod all day.)

The plans are already made for next year for Da Girls.  Eagle Lake will see the Minnesota women come in to fish, have lots of fun, act a little goofy, renew friendships and maybe teach some “newbies” about fishing.

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