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Introduction to Deer Grandma Stories

//Introduction to Deer Grandma Stories

Introduction to Deer Grandma Stories

Rewritten for Women Hunting & Fishing in All Seasons


Elizabeth A. Wilkens


In 2001, I finished a small book containing nine stories about deer, deer hunting, family, and friendships.   I started deer hunting fifty years ago and am as excited about the hunt today as ever before.  The big difference between now and then, besides being nimble enough to climb trees and run through the woods, is that I spend much more time watching and enjoying the entire experience rather than simply seeking out a deer to take home.   There is no need to prove anything to anyone; I am out there because I love to be there, part of the natural world, and thankful for every day afield.

These stories, taken from various hunts over a period of thirty-five years, were written for my children and grandchildren.  They are a delightful crew, full of energy and fun, and share a love for all things natural.  You will meet our four children in “Hanging out the Wash” and three oldest grandchildren in “Building for the Future”.


Collage of images from the Deer Grandma stories

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