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South Dakota Becoming An Outdoors Woman Research.This 2006 report analyzes the survey results from South Dakota women who have taken Becoming an Outdoors Woman courses, specifically looking for the effect BOW has “on recruitment and retention of hunters, anglers, and other outdoor recreationists”.  The results from South Dakota are compared to a national (11 state) survey conducted two years earlier.

South Dakota Report – Effects of the “Becoming an Outdoors Woman” Programs

Minnesota Licensed Anglers and Hunters from 2000-2010, broken down by gender, are shown as trend lines. See articles section for similar information based on National Statistics. Minnesota data is also available in report form from the DNR

Minnesota’s Changing Angler and Hunter Populations 1969 to 2010

Summary Worksheet on Female Deer hunters in Minnesota based on age group and type of license.
Female Firearms Deer Hunters in Minnesota