Women Hunting and Fishing


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“Movies and social media moguls are sparking an interest in archery and killing what you eat”

Excerpt from the RMEF Bugle

Facebook CEO Mark Zukerburg made it his goal to kill anything that he eats. In May, he posted on his private Facebook page that he had killed a goat and a pig. His answer to his billionaire friends that were appalled was “This challenge has the benefit of making me generally healthier, and I’m learning a lot about sustainable living.” Steven Rinella has a show on the sportsmen channel called Meateater. He takes viewers from the field to the stalk to the kill, and then to the kitchen to whip up a feast with the game he has killed. “Hunting to me is primarily about the acquisition of food,” says Rinella. “Essentially I am a hunter because I am a meat eater. “

Hollywood has also served up a heaping helping of hunting interest with The Hunger Games.

This combined with the recently released Disney film Brave, have boosted awareness of archery. NBC reported archery was the number –one watched sport on cable TV with 1.5 million viewers.

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