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Our core group consists of ladies from high school age to grandmothers in their 70s, our experience levels are new to 50+ years.  Many of us remember the frustration of trying to find clothes for hunting and fishing that fit, a place that well modify our shotgun, or an outfitter that is happy to work with women, how to find places to hunt or resources to help plan hunting or fishing trips. This is your chance to have a place to air those questions and concerns.  Our promise to you is not that we have all the answers (I sure hope we have some) but we well find a place for you to look, an organization that may provide the help you need or we well research and find a way to get you closer to the information you are seeking.  From time to time we may open the question to other web users and to collectively come up with a solution. If you have burning questions send them to us at adventurers@womenhfs.org.